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Repairs for men’s and women’s headwear

The list below is a guideline only. A consultation appointment is required for an accurate quote.

Simple Repairs – £25 per task

  • New external hat band / ribbon
  • Stretch up one size- hats and caps
  • Reduce down on size – hats and caps
  • Cap repair such as stitch on lining
  • Freshen up with steam and brush
  • New hat lining (regular lining in black satin)
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Mid-Range Repairs – £50 per task

  • New leather / fabric / grosgrain / petersham sweatband
  • Stretch hat more than one size up
  • Re-block hat at the same size
  • Decorative hat band converted from men’s tie
  • Double ribbon hat band
  • Elasticated / removable hat band
  • Top hat / bowler hat band
  • Hat reduce size new sweat band
  • Hat stretch & reblock
  • Cap – resize invisible
  • Repair frayed brim of panama
  • Stiffen part or all of hat
  • cut down brim edge
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Top-Range Repairs – £75 per task

  • Cap – peak replacement
  • Patch crown straw / panama / felt
  • Re – bind brim edge
  • Wire brim edge + / – bind
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Repairs for women’s occasion headwear

  • Attach comb or elastic £25
  • Replace / attach plain hairband (plain or covered) £50
  • Trimming / reblocking women’s occasion wear hats – starts at £75 (consultation required)
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Repairs to Bowlers and Top Hats

We recommend our friends at Patey Hats for all refurbishments and repairs to bowlers and top hats, including vintage silks.

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