Sliding Doors Beret

Atelier Millinery Online

Regular price £200.00

This wool felt beret is the perfect size for day to evening winter weddings.  The geometric trim works particularly well with a smart jacket and trousers or  jumpsuits. Pull your hair back in a sleek bun or a low ponytail and let this versatile beret take centre stage.

This beret comes with two trims included, so it’s like two hats in one! The first trim is the same colour as the base, and another in animal print.

Worn with elastic that goes behind the head and under the hair to hold the hat in place.  Pictured here in Navy and Camel ready to ship. One size fits all.

Customise your order

Hat elastic chosen to blend with your hair colour (black, dark brown, blonde, silver, white). Having placed your order please email us with your choice of elastic.  Choose elastic the same or darker than your hair and if you are unsure, contact us for advice.