Hats to Suit Your Face Shape

At this time of year we are always being asked which hats suit various face shapes, so we thought we would give you the house rules. Once you have this knowledge under your hat,  you can make your hunt more focused.

A few tips when out looking for a hat:

1. Always take your outfit or part of your outfit with you. This is to be certain of a colour match.  Trust us, you can’t remember the exact shade of blue/pink etc.

2. If your outfit is very plain or dark, use your hat to add a splash of colour and interest.

3. Try on lots of styles – we know that hat canadian pharmacy shopping can be intimidating.  Thats is why the Atelier Millinery team are all here to help you find the best shape to flatter your face and complement your outfit.

We need to determine the shape of your face…

Stand in front of the mirror and look https://health-e-child.org/ at yourself.   For some people it will be instantly clear, but for the people who are unsure, take a bar of soap or eye liner and draw around your face shape. Now step away and have a look at the shape you are left with. We split face pharmacy online shapes into 6 categories..

face shape

Round Face:


– Wear your brim at an angle not straight on

– Wear something smaller like a cocktail hat

– Wear a hat that adds height as this will enlongate your face


– Wear a hat with a round crown

Atelier recommends: Gin Fizz


Oval Face:


– You are lucky you can wear pretty much any shape of hat –  Whoopee!

Atelier recommends: Champagne Charlie




– Wear something with a large brim and a shallow crown. This will even out your face shape

…and in fact, the bigger brim the better!


– Wear narrow tall hats

– Wear hats with a high crown

Atelier recommends: Hayfever




– Go for something soft in look and less structured. This will soften your angles.

– Tilt the hat off centre this will break the symmetry in the face

– Upturned or asymmetric brims


– Wear a hat without a brim

– Wear a square shaped hat

Atelier recommends: Tatton Park




– Similar to oval this great shape can wear nearly every style – you lucky thing!

– Wear them straight across the brow or hairline


– Choose a brim that is narrower than your cheekbones

Atelier recommends: Sidecar


Heart Shape:


– Go with a medium size brim, this will balance out your forehead

– Wear hats with a slanted brim or wear the hat at a tilted angle


– Don’t wear a really large brim

Atelier recommends: Pimms Party