Hat Repairs

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Atelier Millinery provides an MOT service for headwear.  Bring in a well-loved hat and we can have it back on the owner’s head in no time at all. Below is an outline of repairs and refurbishments as well as a basic price list.

Please note the prices below may vary slightly depending on the job in hand. It usually take 7 days to complete a repair.  Hats can be returned by post at a cost of £10. If the job is urgent then please call the boutique for assistance.

Reshaping – Has your hat become shapeless over time, or worse, did someone sit on it!? Hats can usually be steamed and coaxed back into shape using traditional millinery techniques.

Repairs – If the hat has a rip in the felt or straw bring it in and the team will propose the best solutions to the problem.

Revamp – Atelier Millinery is full of supplies for re-trimming, from changing the decorative ribbon to a complete overhaul.

Price List:

Changing the hat band – wide range of colours to choose from in the shop:

New band on a hat from Atelier Millinery  – £15

New band on a hat from elsewhere – £20

Changing the sweatband  – Ribbon – £25 Leather – £30

Stretching – if the hat is a little too snug we can make it one size larger – £20

Shrinking – if the hat is too large we can make it one size smaller – £25

Reshaping – Assuming we have the right shape hat block £30-£40

Converting a tie to a hat band – A tie must be supplied to do this – £35

Top hats and bowlers – Please visit the boutique for a quote

Caps – Small repairs – £20

Resizing a cap – Making a cap one size smaller or larger –  £20-30